मई 24, 2012


As government has decided to implement a new pattern for the IIT-JEE for admission in the Indian Institutes of Technology the dissent over this new pattern seems to be growing. As per some, this changed pattern will make admission of the students from rural background difficult. Even the teachers and alumni of the IITs are not happy with this changed pattern and as per reports, some are even contemplating to approach the courts. According to sources, as many as five out of seven senates of the IITs had opposed this idea but the government decided to go ahead with the plan.
As per new format of IIT JEE, there will be a single engineering entrance test for the IITs, National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) and other Central Educational Institutions. This new format will merge the IIT-JEE and AIEEE into one.
After implementation of new formats the exam will have two papers, 'main' and the advance entrance. The final marks will be calculated by taking into account marks obtained in these two exams, along with a fixed "weightage", from the marks obtained in the school board exam. As score vary from board to board hence the marks will be normalized. Those opposing the changed format say the formula for normalization of marks is faulty.
Now, parents to move SC against new JEE pattern
The chorus against new IIT-JEE is growing louder. Around 55 parents met in Mumbai on Sunday and passed a resolution to move to Supreme Court if their demand for not changing the JEE exam is not met. They have also initiated a signature campaign across the country for the parents whose child is appearing in 2013 IIT exam.
"We will first meet the state education minister and ask him to forward our request to the HRD. If that does not work, we will file a PIL in Supreme Court," said Jayant B Jain, All India president of Forum for Fairness in Education.
“The main grievance of the parents is that their child is not getting enough time to prepare for the new pattern. We have 18 boards in Maharashtra all with different curriculum. This new pattern is heavily biased against children with CBSE board,” Jain added.
"This is not like petrol price, where you can change it overnight. Most of the children decide their coaching after 10th. What happens to that? We have invested so much money. We are not against change. But the change has to be brought about gradually. The students must be given a cooling time. I think it will be sheer injustice for those appearing in the 2013 JEE exam," another parent Mahendra Parulekar said.
Meanwhile, ITians for IITs' Autonomy, another support group had a meeting on Sunday and have decided to officially explore with the IITs on the ordinances supposed to have been passed by the respective senates authorising the IIT council to decide on their behalf for admission process.
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